Drupal 6 Zen Subtheme - Advanced

posted by Ishmael Sanchez on May 12, 2009

So you set up your basic zen sub-theme. Now what? If don't have your basic zen sub-theme configured, read this post: Drupal 6 Zen Sub-theme - Basic. Below are some things I do which I think will help you construct a killer custom zen sub-theme.

  • Copy over some key template files into your subtheme from the core zen folder for more granular control of the HTML output: block.tpl.php, node.tpl.php, page.tpl.php, comment.tpl.php.
  • Replace the screenshot.png file with a small graphic of a design mock up. This way future admins can see a preview of what the theme will look like if it is ever disabled.
  • Overwrite the favicon.ico file with a custom favicon. I know you can do this on the theme configuration page but uploading anything other than a .ico file will not render in IE7.
  • Create an images folder to house all theme specific graphics. This way you have content images and theme images separated out for better file management.
  • Duplicate the ie.css file and add it to your sub theme folder. Update your info file by uncommenting the conditional stylesheet line (Around line 42).
  • You may consider doing this for the other CSS files, but I highly recommend doing this for the ie.css because you are bound to have issues with IE (or at least one version of it) during your theme creation.
  • Once you have done these steps you should clear your cache at /admin/settings/performance
  • Install the devel module. This will help for theme development.
  • Begin adding your custom CSS and updating the HTML/PHP in your sub theme template files.


posted by Anonymous on Jul 31, 2009

Hey - thanks so much for the quick reference. I'm pretty new to Drupal and just installed my first instance this morning. Your instructions had me up and going and understanding how to create a base sub-theme in no time!



posted by Anonymous on Jun 08, 2009

Thanks for your articles, they've really helped me out to get me up and running. I really appreciate it!

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