Web design and development

Have you ever come across a "professional" website that looked anything but professional? How about one that's nearly impossible to navigate or find any relevant information? Have you performed a search in your favorite search engine and not been able to find the site you were looking for?

I make sure that doesn't happen to your website.

When I develop websites, I use a three step process to make sure they appear professional, are easily navigable and understandable, and can be easily found through relevant web searches.

  1. Planning
    I meet with you personally to discuss and understand your project and its requirements. With this understanding, I then plan the information architecture of your website.

  2. Design and Development
    I implement and develop features to make your website not only good looking, but also functional. Design is easily half of the equation, and an attractive and usable site can be the difference between a closed browser and a completed sale.

  3. Training and Testing
    Once your website is created, I make sure the site functions properly and teach you how to make updates to your site's content.


Successful websites require more than a "pretty face", but let's be honest, first impressions count. I have been involved in countless redesign projects. I'm aware of common problems and can help make this process as smooth as possible.

Content management systems (CMS)

I support open source technology. Why you ask?

  1. An open source CMS has zero software licensing fees.
  2. Overall lower total cost of ownership.
  3. Allows for the ability to manage your own website content.
  4. Flexible and feature-rich.

These benefits allow me to give you the best possible product at the lowest possible cost. If you'd like to get started now, contact me.

Ishmael Sanchez