Over a decade of software development management experience. In-house teams, In-house remote teams (multiple time zones), offshore, offshore landed, in-office contractors, remote contractors, etc. I've managed it all. I've grown teams from 2 developers to over a dozen. I specialize in team management, optimization and high performance. I keep teams on track and on focus.

I've played a key role in multiple successful product launches, which also entailed scaling platforms and solutions across different enterprise groups or environments. Experienced in a wide range of projects with various cross functional groups, which include process improvement (Waterfall to Agile, Scrum, Kanban), customer experience improvements (UI/UX), technology modernizations, Tier 1 support, development capacity planning and projection, efficiency improvements, sustainable operating cost reductions, transformation projects with global teams and moving teams to a more data driven mindset.

I'm an authority on development restructuring, technology standardization, large scale migrations, outsourcing and change and transformation management. I'm a proponent of growing team members and mentoring developers, project managers, product owners, business stakeholders and Drupalers. Learn more about my work or contact me.


Udacity: Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies.

Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Management with a concentration in Computer Information Systems.

Decorated Military Sergeant, served for six years in the United States Army. Graduate of the Primary Leadership Development Course. Served in Iraq as a Squad and Team leader. Purple heart and Combat Action Badge recipient.

Web, Drupal and open source work

I've worked as a freelance web designer/developer. During that time, my work was focused on creating web standard-compliant sites, quality designs with open sources tools and technology. I've created websites using Drupal, Jekyll, WordPress and Dreamweaver.

I've designed and developed 100's of Drupal-based sites. I'm a Drupal enthusiast and Drupal theme contributor. I designed and created the Zurb Foundation, Ishalist and Earthish Drupal themes. Additionally, I've maintained the Aberdeen and Decayed themes.


Drupal Individual Member